A Fresh New Look for ILS Group’s Website by Everpro

ILS Group, a pharmaceutical consultant specialising in project management, chose Everpro to redesign their website.

The Project

The goal of this project was to create a well-considered, highly appealing B2B website to showcase ILS Group’s projects, explain its services, and demonstrate its capabilities. The request was for a new case study section to be created, and for service pages to be segregated and utilised as landing pages for future lead generation activity.


Our Approach

Everpro responded to the task by crafting a new structure and style based on the existing branding of ILS Group. The design was tailored to appeal to the target buyers within the pharmaceutical industry while ensuring full compatibility with mobile devices, SEO optimisation, and fast loading times.


The challenge in this project was to segregate complex information and make it digestible for the audience. The pharmaceutical industry is highly specialised, and the language can be dense and complicated. Everpro had to ensure that the content was informative but also easy to understand.

Reliability Through Consistency

The redesigned ILS Group website was launched in early2024, and marketing campaigns were activated soon after. Barnaby Donlon, ILS Group Co-Owner, expressed satisfaction with the results, stating, “We are delighted with the new look and feel of the ILS Group website. Its development is fitting with the advancement of our business.”


This case study illustrates the impact of a well-designed website on a company’s brand image and lead generation. Everpro successfully met the challenge of transforming complex pharmaceutical information into accessible content. The redesigned website not only enhanced the company’s online presence but also provided a platform for showcasing the company’s capabilities and services.

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