A New Look: Making an impact face-to-face with a fresh brand image

Feature Walls and Flooring, a leading business in the home décor sector in Huddersfield, wanted support in opening their third showroom. The company sought out the expertise of Everpro to advise them on branding and signage for the new showroom as they expanded their business operations.

The Project

There were three key goals in this project:

  • To create an impression that suited their evolving audience,
  • Modernise the brand, and
  • Align it with the broad range of products that they offer.

Ever since its inception, the company’s product line has expanded significantly, and it was essential to reflect this in the new brand.

Our Approach

We took on the challenge, diligent in our approach. We set out to design a new brand to meet these goals while maintaining a connection with the historic brand for continuity. A new logo and colour scheme were introduced to simplify the messaging and enhance the visual impact. Thus, Feature Interiors was born.

Following this, the focus shifted to signage and interior branding. We visited the building to get a first-hand view of the location and created visual mock-ups accordingly. Once these were signed off, the signage and point of sale material, as well as the showroom staff clothing, went to print.

However, the task was not without its challenges. The main challenge was to maintain some continuity with the old brand while modernising it and changing the name. This was tactfully overcome with a subtle reference to the historic branding through shapes and colours in the logo.

The Results

The new showroom for Feature Interiors opened on Good Friday, 5th April 2024. The mayor of Kirklees was in attendance for the grand opening. Jonathan Nichols of Everpro coordinated the events on the day, ensuring a successful launch.

"We are absolutely delighted with the new brand and the exciting new opportunities at our new showroom. We found the right partner in Everpro to help us with our growth and expansion."

The rebranding and successful launch of the new showroom were a testament to the professional and innovative approach we brought to the table. Through understanding Feature Walls and Flooring’s history and vision, we created a brand identity that resonates with their audience while maintaining a connection with their past.

This case study showcases how a well-thought-out branding strategy can modernise a brand and also help it connect with a broader audience. It also highlights the importance of maintaining continuity with the past while evolving to meet the demands of the future.


In conclusion, Feature Walls and Flooring’s rebranding and expansion serve as a real-world example of strategic brand transformation. With the right branding partner like Everpro, businesses can successfully navigate the challenges of growth and expansion while keeping their brand identity intact.

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