Driving Brand Awareness and Conversions for Fosse Liquitrol with the Everpro Platform


Fosse Liquitrol, a leading provider of spill and pollution control products and services, faced a unique marketing challenge. With six distinct brands under their umbrella, each with separate target customers, products, services, and messaging, they needed a marketing agency that could navigate the complexities of managing multiple brands while improving brand awareness with clear, effective results. The company chose Everpro and the Everpro Marketing platform to meet these needs. This case study explores how Everpro helped Fosse Liquitrol increase awareness, interest, and conversions across all six brands.


The Challenge

Fosse Liquitrol’s primary goal was to boost awareness, interest, and conversions for each of its brands, some of which offered specialist services, bespoke products, and training. The challenge was multifaceted: reaching the target customer, generating leads, and managing orders and bookings for six different brands. Selecting the most appropriate tools for the job was another hurdle. The team at Fosse also needed education and onboarding, a process that was staged over several weeks.

Fosse Brands on the Everpro AI Powered Marketing Platform

The Solution

Everpro began by consulting with Fosse Liquitrol to understand the specific requirements of each brand. After this initial consultation, they agreed on the marketing channels and selected digital marketing products for each brand. The six brands were set up on the Everpro platform, allowing Fosse staff to transition seamlessly between each brand. Once in a brand account, the selected products could be accessed.


These products included email management, website design and hosting, business listing sync for SEO, social marketing distribution, and full analytics of performance. Fosse Liquitrol was provided with a comprehensive, one-stop solution with full transparency and optimal convenience.


Implementation and Results

Everpro’s expertise and experience were instrumental in selecting the most appropriate tools for each brand. Onboarding the team at Fosse was carefully managed over several weeks to ensure a smooth transition and effective use of the Everpro platform.


The results have been impressive. Many of the email campaigns have seen significant increases in bookings, leads, and sales. For instance, the training courses saw over a 100% increase in bookings within the first three months of implementing the email campaigns. The success of the campaigns has been attributed to the tailored approach adopted for each brand, supported by the analytics provided by the Everpro platform.


Everpro is now integrating AI technology into the campaign management process to further improve efficiency. This move is expected to enhance the targeting and personalization of campaigns, thereby increasing conversions and customer engagement.



“Working with Everpro over the last2 years has been rewarding for everyone involved. We value their contribution as a marketing agency, but also as level-headed, experienced business consultants.” – Mick Clarkson, Fosse



This case study demonstrates the power of a tailored, multi-brand digital marketing strategy. By understanding the unique needs and goals of each brand, Everpro was able to implement effective marketing campaigns that not only increased brand awareness and interest but also significantly boosted conversions. The success of this partnership serves as a testament to Everpro’s expertise and the capabilities of its marketing platform.

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