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why you need a performance report

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Know Your Business

This will blow away the clouds of uncertainty. It’s completely personalised and packed full of insights about your business and it’s current online state.


Complete clarity and transparency. Most agencies do not want you to see this report. They would much rather bamboozle you with jargon, sell the latest fad and upsell you their latest package.


Recession busting insights! Come rain or shine, you ought to be increasing your online presence. The insights in this report will help you shape a strategy to weather any storm.

Individual approach

Video coaching for each section to show you how we make digital, simple. Each section of your free report includes a free video explainer to help you understand what you are looking at…

7 digital worlds

How to win in 7 digital worlds. You’ll see comprehensive detail about your listings, social presence, reviews, SEO, e-commerce, advertising returns and website performance.

Manager Dashboard

A free Everpro dashboard. Why make this report a one time fling? We’re in it for the long term so we give you access to a dashboard to monitor your results in real time. Forever.

Jonathan Bradley

Why are you getting this high value content for FREE?

“Everyone is short of time. And time is wasted when people try to sell things that their clients don’t really need. This report changes things. With this free, high value, personalised intel, we cut out an entire part of the sales process. We get straight to the point. We save hours of exploration. We avoid mis-selling solutions. I created Everpro to help people to grow their businesses. In that sense, we are are already aligned. And by placing this report directly in your hands we can literally get on the same page. And we then know exactly how we will add value to your business.”

Jonathan Bradley, Founder

So what is so good about the intel?

the depth that you can uncover once you have your results

Attract Customers WITHOUT a hard sell or wasted cash

It might be that you need people on your website or footfall to your premises.

Either way, the report gifts you with clarity about how to get more customers.

You’ll get a listing grade and tips on how to sync up your listing to send your business profile skyrocketing up the rankings.

Plus you can compare you SEO and any PPC Ad performance against your competitors and your market.

Close more leads

Look, your product, service and price will be a huge influence on conversions. But…

If you’re offer is great and no-one knows about it – you’re a bedroom popstar.

Or even worse -> people can see your offer but your site still isn’t converting.

So we shower you with insights into how your site, shop or e-com store is performing and what to do about it.

Get credible online (in your markets eyes)

If you’re doing the traffic thing right, then your customers are checking you out online. If not then they will be researching your competitors.

And if they do find you, and they don’t like what they see then they will bounce over to your competition.

Reputation is everything. And a good reputation is the fastest way to turn your customers into advocates. Reviews, site content and social content fix this quick. Done well, they impress your customers and make sales growth a problem of the past.

What’s more, they impress the big eye in the sky, Google. And that simply means more traffic.

Get wise to the digital world

Digital marketing is essential and complex. That creates a breeding ground for unscrupulous agencies to exploit the uneducated. These Piranhas will chomp your hard earned cash.

We are breaking this mould. How?

Free information upfront.

Free educational content.

Full transparency on our platform.

An extensive commercial background, both client side and agency side.

Ready to get going? This page closes in…


” If you are not satisfied that the content of this report will help your business, we will work for you for 1 hour for free! “

These customers have taken action after seeing their report.

They got wise. And they are getting amazing results.

3 Things You Could Do Once You Have Your Report

Fix Your Problems

This report will reveal exactly where you can improve to increase your leads, customer and sales whilst reducing your sales costs.

Educate Your Team

Whether you place this is the hands of your Marketing experts or your exec team, everyone will gain new perspectives and find opportunities to improve.

Challenge Your Agency

If you are already using an agency, this will reveal how they are performing. You’ll have full transparency on all things digital about your business.

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