Peak performance: Utilising branding to stand out

Infinity Performance Nutrition partnered with our team to define its brand identity and market positioning within the sports nutrition industry. This case study explores how we designed a branding strategy for Infinity Performance Nutrition that resonates with health-conscious athletes and enthusiasts.

The Project

Our goal was to develop a comprehensive branding strategy for Infinity Performance Nutrition, encompassing tone-of-voice, positioning, and striking visuals for packaging design and social media graphics. Key objectives included establishing a unique brand identity that reflects the founders’ passion for nutrition and resonates with the target audience.

Our Approach

To tackle the challenge of redefining Infinity Performance Nutrition’s brand identity, we adopted a multi-faceted approach combining research-driven insights, authentic storytelling, and striking visual elements.

Market Research:

The starting point for the project was market research – We needed insights into current industry trends, consumer preferences, and the competitive landscape. This analysis guided our understanding of the evolving demands within the sports nutrition market, highlighting the importance of authenticity and innovation.

Founder Story Integration:

The personal stories of Infinity’s founders were at the heart of the brand’s narrative. By leveraging their experiences and passion for nutrition, we crafted a compelling tone-of-voice that resonates with athletes on a deeper level. This humanised the brand and established an emotional connection with the audience.

Visual Identity Development:

The creation of a distinctive visual identity was central to our strategy, with a design that reflects the brand’s values and mission. We created a lime green double helix logo, symbolizing life, energy, and the transformative power of nutrition. The carefully selected colour palette of lime green, black, white, and rich purple conveys freshness, vitality, and premium quality, enhancing brand recognition and appeal.

Packaging Design:

Our approach to packaging design focuses on translating the brand’s ethos into tangible, visually appealing packaging. We developed sleek and contemporary packaging, featuring lime green accents against a black backdrop to create a visually striking presentation. This design not only enhances shelf presence but also communicates the brand’s premium positioning and commitment to excellence.

Social Media Graphics:

To amplify the brand’s presence and engagement, we created custom graphic templates for social media platforms. These templates maintain visual consistency and reinforce the brand’s energetic and dynamic identity across digital channels.

The Results

Our collaboration with Infinity Performance Nutrition has yielded significant results. The brand’s launch was met with enthusiasm, capturing the attention of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The cohesive branding strategy, including the logo, packaging, tone-of-voice, and imagery, has successfully differentiated Infinity Performance Nutrition in the competitive sports nutrition market. The incorporation of personal narratives has fostered a genuine connection with the audience, driving engagement and loyalty.

"Working with Everpro has translated an idea into tangible brand assets. The result is a well researched brand image that matches the Infinity ethos."


In conclusion, our partnership with Infinity Performance Nutrition exemplifies the impact of strategic branding and storytelling. By leveraging market insights, founder narratives, and compelling visual elements, we created a powerful brand identity that inspires athletes to unlock their infinite potential. Infinity Performance Nutrition is now positioned as a trusted authority, poised for continued success in empowering individuals to achieve peak performance through nutrition.

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