Reaching the right people: Leveraging brand and content to build positive relationships

Flood Solutions UK, a company specialising in flood protection products, recently tasked Everpro, a leading marketing agency, with a challenging project – reaching targeted customers by driving traffic to a content-rich website.

The Project

The goal was to reach targeted customers with highly relevant content through multiple channels. The primary challenge was narrowing down the target audience and finding the perfect balance between marketing channels.

Our Approach

The project began by refreshing the brand image of Flood Solutions UK. The company wanted to portray strength and reliability, two attributes vital for a company dealing with flood protection. With this in mind, we reformed the logo to include the Union Jack flag, symbolising the company’s British roots. Additionally, the new logo subtly incorporated the outline of a boxwall, one of the company’s leading flood protection products. This creative representation of the brand’s essence not only gave it a fresh look but also subtly communicated the nature of the business.

Once the new logo was developed and distributed, we began crafting engaging and informative articles for the company’s website. These articles were disseminated through various social networks, aiming to educate and attract potential customers. In addition to this, we launched a highly focussed LinkedIn Advertising campaign which aimed at reaching professionals likely to be interested in flood protection services, such as local councils and oil refineries.

Our main challenge was to reach a narrow and relevant target audience. This required a strategic balance of marketing channels and careful keyword research. An in-depth analysis of keyword volume and audience segments was conducted to create a balanced strategy. This data-driven approach ensured that the marketing efforts were focussed on potential customers who were most likely to be interested in Flood Solutions UK’s offerings.

The Results

The results of these efforts were noticeable and impressive. Flood Solutions UK experienced rapid growth in their business and began reaching new customers with significant contracts and spending power. Notably, their client base expanded to include additional local councils and oil refineries. The company’s growth was not only a testament to the effectiveness of our marketing strategy but also to the quality of Flood Solutions UK’s products and services.

"Everpro have taken the time to understand our products, and our markets and they are helping us craft an image and a narrative that is making a real difference to our lead generation and sales development."

The success of this project underscores the importance of a well-balanced, multi-channel marketing approach. By understanding the client’s product and market, we were able to craft a compelling narrative and deliver it through the most effective channels. This case study serves as a real-world example of how targeted marketing strategies can drive traffic and lead to significant business growth.


In conclusion, our strategic approach to marketing, driven by understanding the client’s needs and thorough research, resulted in a significant increase in traffic and business growth for Flood Solutions UK. This case study serves as a testament to our expertise in crafting and executing effective multi-channel marketing strategies.

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