Driving Client Pipeline Growth: How Everpro Revitalised Shanco’s Brand and Web Presence

Shanco, a rapidly growing groundworks contractor, found itself at a pivotal point after years of significant investment in operations and infrastructure. The emerging challenge was not just to maintain this growth but to ensure a robust pipeline of clients by elevating their brand and marketing strategy.
They turned to Everpro Ltd, a marketing agency with a profound understanding of the needs and challenges of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Everpro was the perfect partner for Shanco’s ambitious goals.


Shanco’s collaboration with Everpro began with a comprehensive review of their existing brand details. Everpro’s team, leveraging their expertise in AI and personalised marketing strategies, embarked on a brand, web, and marketing intervention.

This included the refreshing of Shanco’s logo, tone of voice, market segments, customer profiling, and channel analysis. A significant aspect of this transformation was the overhaul of Shanco’s digital footprint, marked by the creation of a new website and the launch of various marketing campaigns.

Challenges and Obstacles

One of the most significant challenges faced during this transformation was ensuring the brand’s messaging was consistent across multiple channels while also being relevant to the target audience. This was particularly challenging given Shanco’s unique leading focus on care and empathy—an approach that is not commonly found in the groundworks sector.

New Website

After refreshing the branding and fine-tuning target customers and USPs, Everpro proceeded to develop Shanco’s new digital footprint. This comprehensive effort included creating a new website, developing social media presence, implementing email marketing systems, establishing targeted LinkedIn advertising campaigns, and providing detailed reporting. 

Content Marketing

Following a digital reform, the focus shifted to creating relevant content for target customers and audiences. Case studies, news articles, specialist blogs, and in-depth articles answering common customer questions were published to raise awareness, interest, and desire for Shanco’s specialist offerings. 

Everpro utilised recently acquired, highly customised AI solutions to deliver content with context for Shanco, both in written and video form. An ongoing, aggressive content marketing strategy is feeding Shanco’s primary objective: to develop a sales pipeline to sustain their impressive growth trajectory.


The collaboration between Shanco and Everpro yielded significant results. Shanco achieved full visibility into how and where people were engaging with their brand. This new level of insight has been instrumental in making informed decisions, allowing Shanco to better develop opportunities and drive growth.

Customer Feedback

Declan Armour, Shanco’s Managing Director, expressed immense satisfaction with the outcomes of the collaboration, stating, 

“We are absolutely delighted with our new brand and website and cannot thank the team at Everpro enough. It has lifted our confidence to make some noise about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.”


Shanco’s brand and web transformation, guided by Everpro’s targeted brand, web, and marketing services, stands as a testament to the power of strategic marketing interventions in driving business growth. With a rejuvenated brand and an enhanced digital presence, Shanco is now well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory, backed by a healthy pipeline of clients.
Everpro Ltd, with its mission to empower SMEs through targeted marketing services and the leverage of AI technology, once again showcases its ability to deliver tangible results, ensuring that businesses like Shanco not only reach but resonate with their ideal audience.

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