Seamless Migration from Magento to Shopify: How Everpro Ltd Transformed Yellow Shield Ltd’s Ecommerce Experience

Yellow Shield Ltd, a company known for its extensive range of environmental products, faced the daunting task of migrating their ecommerce website from the [no longer] supported Magento 1 to Shopify. The goal was not just to migrate, but to enhance and optimise their online store with a fresh design and an improved user experience. This case study explores the methodology, challenges, and success of the migration process, taken on by Everpro, a brand dedicated to delivering results through targeted brand, web, and marketing solutions.


Everpro Ltd embarked on a comprehensive analysis of Yellow Shield Ltd’s existing website performance, focusing on critical metrics such as conversion rates, website speed, total sales, and web structure. This initial phase was crucial in creating a roadmap for the Shopify store’s design, build, and content migration process.

Challenges and Obstacles

Migrating a vast product range and associated images to Shopify presented a significant challenge. However, Everpro, leveraging its expertise with Matrixify and in-depth database knowledge, managed this process seamlessly. Another critical aspect was ensuring the SEO strategy was meticulously planned and implemented to maintain, if not enhance, Yellow Shield’s SEO profile during the transition.


The migration to Shopify marked a pivotal turning point for Yellow Shield. Not only did Everpro’s quote significantly undercut competitors by nearly half, offering more features, but the post-migration results spoke volumes:

  • Conversion rates improved dramatically from 4% to 5.6%.
  • Revenue saw a 15% increase, with continued growth month-on-month.
    The quote system was revamped for enhanced user-friendliness, leading to larger and more frequent quote orders.
  • Yellow Shield staff gained the ability to customise the site independently, adjusting product categories, document templates, and more.

Customer Feedback

The feedback from Yellow Shield underscored the transformative impact of the migration. They highlighted Everpro’s meticulous research, planning, and the ability to make the transition seamless, particularly during a busy period. The ability to customise products with add-ons and upsells, coupled with a significant uptick in sales, conversion rates, average order value, and customer experience, underscored the success of the migration


Everpro, with its mission to empower SMEs through targeted brand, web, and marketing services, has once again demonstrated its capability to deliver results that drive business growth. The successful migration from Magento to Shopify for Yellow Shield not only enhanced the ecommerce experience but also provided the company with a scalable, user-friendly platform that empowers their team and delights their customers. This case study stands as a testament to Everpro’s expertise, innovation, and commitment to delivering excellence in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

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