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Stylish Cost Calculator Experts

Stylish Cost Calculator Expertise

With Stylish Cost Calculator, you can build an attractive instant quote on your website with little to zero coding on WordPress, Shopfiy or plain HTML web pages. Intrates easily with WooCommerce, PayPal and Stripe.

The Stylish Cost Calculator is a WordPress plugin that enables anyone to easily create estimate solutions and high functioning calculation tools that provides pricing for your customers.

This brilliant bit of kit automates everything from the point of conversion to an actual contract, thereby creating a seemless customer journey.

If you are running Google Ads or Facebook Ads, this tool is ideal for use in sales funnels. Add one of these calculators to your landing page and when a prospects lands on your page after seeing the ad, they have the opportunity to select the services or products they are interested with their specified add ons to give a fully customised estimate, quote or price depending upon what you are selling.

The conditional logic of stylish cost Calculator enables you to include or hide certain options, add discounts for multi-buys, and fully customise any aspect of the form, which is great!

You can set the tool to email the quote directly to the prospect therefore capturing their email address and any other contact info you set up on the tool.

Business owners can immediately reach out to warm prospects via text if you have requested their mobile number be added to the form.

Stylish Cost Calculator integrates easily with Zapier, which provides hundreds of automation options for managing your contacts data. Easily build integrations with a CRM or Google Sheets and set up automated notification emails, which can be sent to your sales pipeline managers or clients. This creates a robust follow up process that would not be possible without Stylish Cost Calculator.

The SCC plugin is very flexible, has a nice interface, great support, and a multitude of inbuilt integrations, making this our ‘go to’ tool for building an attractive instant quote on our websites with little to zero coding! You can do exactly what you need to do.

If you need a custom quote builder on your website or landing page, Everpro is a recommended expert and we are featured on The Stylish Calculators website here:

Conditional logic
Custom math and variable math
Coupon codes
Currency conversion
Lead and quote manager
Multiple totals
Paypal integration
Quote (email, PDF, Print PDF,Itemised Quotes
Stripe integration
Webhooks (Zapier and More)
Woo commerce integration
Honey Pot (Google Captcha)

Templates on offer with Stylish Cost Calculator:

Web developer
Cleaning company
T shirt printing
Car rental
Content writing
Social media manager
Venue rentals
Wedding photographer
Student fees calculator
Funeral home
Kitchen renovations
Food catering
Audio editing (podcasting editing)
Food market

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