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Customer Journey

The Customer Journey

Customer Journey: The Most Powerful Part is Before & After
In our last post we discussed the essential exercise of creating your customer avatar to be able to understand your customer journey and produce solid, usable messaging, that breaks through the noise and holds the attention of your potential customers.
This is one of the most important aspects of marketing and anyone can do this, it’s simple right? Just give people what they really want.

How to work out your customer avatar

Know Thy Customer

Know Thy Customer: Establishing Your Customer Avatar.
Who is your business is serving? In a previous post we talked about the Marketers role as owing the entire CUSTOMER JOURNEY and before we know it, we want to dive right in and get traffic and leads and sales. We start to run ads, creating content and getting active on social platforms.

7 wonders of digital marketing

7 Wonders of the Digital Marketing World

Promoting your products and services online is necessary for most. But it remains a complex & often confusing world. You need it, but you don’t understand it. This quick run-down of the 7 pillars of digital marketing, should help you steer clear of the bloodsuckers!


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