Designing Influence: Everpro’s Strategic Brand Expansion for Parametric Walls

When Parametric Walls, a high-end wall designer and installer, sought to expand their brand recognition and influence within the design industry, they turned to Everpro. The challenge was to create a captivating, informative website that not only showcased Parametric Walls’ impressive portfolio but also attracted and engaged architects and designers. Everpro was appointed to manage and develop the brand, focusing on creating a compelling digital presence and maintaining consistency across all marketing channels.

Parametric Walls Case Study by Everpro

Everpro utilised their platform to execute all marketing activities for Parametric Walls. This allowed for complete transparency in the marketing process and ensured seamless integration of all marketing efforts. As Parametric Walls’ portfolio grew, Everpro continued to create and distribute case studies of their projects, highlighting their collaborations with industry partners such as CDUK Ltd, Applelec, and MR Wall Ltd.

Parametric Walls on the Everpro Marketing Platform

The initiative began with the creation of an attention-grabbing website. It was crucial to present Parametric Walls’ projects in a way that not only demonstrated their aesthetic appeal but also highlighted the technical expertise involved. The website features high-quality images and detailed descriptions of each project, enabling visitors to understand the innovative techniques used by Parametric Walls.

To engage architects and designers, Everpro developed an email marketing campaign to keep them informed about new projects and industry trends. These emails provided valuable insights and fostered a sense of connection between Parametric Walls and its audience. The emails also included links to the latest case studies, further boosting traffic to the website.

In addition to the website and email campaign, Everpro also managed Parametric Walls’ social media presence. Regular updates were posted on various platforms, showcasing the company’s latest projects and sharing industry news and trends. This continuous output of content not only kept Parametric Walls at the forefront of their audience’s minds but also helped to grow their social media following.

The results of this partnership have been impressive. The website’s sleek design and engaging content have attracted a significant increase in traffic, with a noticeable boost in inquiries from architects and designers. The email campaign has been equally successful, with a high open rate and positive feedback from subscribers. Meanwhile, Parametric Walls’ social media following has grown steadily, further expanding the company’s reach and influence.

Parametric Walls’ growth trajectory has been supported by this consistent output of quality content across all channels. The partnership with Everpro has proved instrumental in achieving this growth, as Ian Drinkwater, of Parametric Walls, attests: “Everpro have supported Parametric Walls through a steep learning and growth curve and we are delighted with the partnership.”

The success of this case study serves as a testament to the power of integrated marketing strategies. By leveraging multiple channels – website, email, and social media – and maintaining a consistent brand image across all, companies can significantly enhance their market presence and influence. For Parametric Walls, this has resulted in increased brand recognition, a stronger connection with their target audience, and a boost in business growth.

Parametric Walls Brand, Web and Marketing Case Study by Everpro


In conclusion, this case study illustrates how a well-executed integrated marketing strategy can drive business growth and brand recognition. By creating a captivating website, engaging email campaign, and consistent social media presence, Everpro has helped Parametric Walls carve a distinct niche in the high-end wall design and installation industry. This success story offers valuable insights for other businesses looking to enhance their digital presence and foster stronger connections with their target audience.

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