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Everpro’s Expansion: Mick Clarkson to Lead New Hereford Branch

Following its success, Everpro is proud to announce Mick Clarkson as the Managing Director of our new branch in Herefordshire. Established in December 2023, Everpro Hereford aims to provide enhanced support to our local clients while extending our marketing and branding services nationally. This expansion has led to the opening of new premises in the heart of Hereford, scheduled for April.

Mick Clarkson, a valued member of the Everpro team with over 15 years of marketing expertise, will helm Everpro Hereford. Since 2009, Mick has played key roles in internal management across a wide range of industries and sectors both on the client and agency side. His comprehensive experience and knowledge bridge the agency/client divide, encompassing internal marketing team processes and the technical prowess required for leading national campaigns.

The launch of Everpro Hereford marks another milestone in a successful year for Everpro, having attracted a diverse client base, including startups and enterprises with significant turnovers. The Hereford branch benefits from the seasoned team at Everpro’s Slaithwaite location. Both branches embrace agile working methods to foster creativity and collaboration. Everpro’s commitment to innovation and adaptability is further demonstrated by our investment in AI technology, enhancing the efficiency of our services.

Everpro Hereford is currently welcoming enquiries. Our Union Street premises will officially open in April, serving as the operational hub for Mick and enabling Everpro to support an even wider range of clients across the UK.

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