Freight Agency Ltd: A Case Study in Digital Marketing Success

Since2021, Freight Agency Ltd, a renowned international freight forwarding service, has partnered with Everpro, a digital marketing leader, to boost its online presence. The partnership was initiated with the aim of launching a new website, improving their digital footprint, and engaging their customer base through regular email campaigns and news articles.

The Goals

The primary goal of this partnership was to launch a new website with advanced features such as a new payment system and specific landing pages for each of their services. Additionally, the aim was to improve Freight Agency’s Google profile by earning better reviews and engaging with their existing customer base through email updates about service revisions and vessel spaces.

To achieve these goals, Freight Agency was onboarded onto the Everpro platform, subscribing to its web hosting, customer reputation management, and ActiveCampaign email products. Everpro has since been working closely with the Freight Agency team, providing a steady flow of current information on the website through blogs and regular updates. 

Freight Agency on the Everpro Marketing Platform

The Challenges

The challenge was to maintain a professional and informative image while engaging with customers. Freight Agency is regarded as a high-level service provider with strong connections with existing customers and suppliers. Protecting this reputation was paramount.

The Results

The digital marketing strategy implemented by Everpro has proven successful. Freight Agency has been on a continuous upward growth trajectory since2021. Their online presence has improved significantly, with an increase in Google ratings from2.9 to 4.9 stars. The email contacts have doubled, creating a broader base for customer engagement. The digital engagement strategy has also helped fill vessel spaces and deepen connections with contacts.

Jonathan Bradley, the Director of Everpro, said, “It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Freight Agency, and I wish them every success in the future.”

The email campaigns and news articles have allowed Freight Agency to establish a solid relationship with its customer base. The regular updates, service revisions, and information about vessel spaces served to keep customers informed and engaged, a key factor in improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The website revamp and the addition of new features have made it more user-friendly and efficient. The new payment system has streamlined the transaction process, making it easier for customers to use Freight Agency’s services. The specific service landing pages have provided clear and concise information, making it easier for potential customers to understand the services offered by Freight Agency.

Freight Agency Case Study By Everpro


The partnership between Everpro and Freight Agency Ltd demonstrates the power of a well-implemented digital marketing strategy. It has facilitated growth, improved online presence, and enhanced customer engagement for Freight Agency. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of digital marketing in boosting business growth and customer satisfaction.

The success of Freight Agency’s digital marketing strategy hinges on the continuous update of current information on the website, consistent customer engagement, and the careful preservation of its professional image. The results speak for themselves – improved Google ratings, doubled email contacts, and an overall stronger digital footprint.

The success of Freight Agency can serve as a blueprint for other businesses in the freight forwarding industry and beyond. It demonstrates the importance of a strong digital marketing strategy and the positive impact it can have on business growth.

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