Everpro’s Transformation of Sirocco Fires’ B2B Website

When the team at Sirocco Fires sought to redesign and re-launch their offering and refresh their brand, they turned to their long lasting partnership with Everpro. The project involved creating a slick new B2B website that showcased Sirocco Fires’ new range, along with their new branding, styling guidelines and product imaging. With a strict deadline in place, we had to work backwards to successfully deliver the project.

Sirocco Fires Website Banner by Everpro

The Challenge

The brief was extensive. We needed to create various point of sale media and five product brochures for Independent Fireplace showrooms. The project had to be executed within a tight timeline, which left no room for error. 

A key challenge was the migration of Sirocco Fires from Magento over to Shopify, a process that involved transferring all customers and their specific pricing across. This was to be a gated website, meaning it was only accessible to users with authorised access. We also had to set up a private account and develop a customer guarantee registrations process, all while ensuring the design was mobile-first.

Additionally, we created five new brochures with updated branding, in line with a new style guide. The timing of the release of these brochures, the point of sale media, and the new website was critical, requiring meticulous planning and execution.

Sirocco Fires Brand Brochure Designs by Everpro

The Solution

Despite the demanding brief and strict deadline, we rose to the challenge. After conducting extensive research into Sirocco Fires’ brand, products, and target audience, we then developed a detailed project plan and timeline. Each aspect was planned, breaking down the project into manageable tasks and milestones .

We created a sleek, modern, mobile-first design for the new website. Utilising Shopify’s robust e-commerce platform, we built a secure, user-friendly B2B website that showcased Sirocco Fires’ new range in a visually appealing manner. The transfer of all customers and their specific pricing across platforms was achieved seamlessly, with no disruption to Sirocco Fires’ operations or customer experience. 

Our developers also successfully implemented a gated access system and set up a private account, ensuring the website was accessible only to authorised users. To meet the requirement for a customer guarantee registrations process, we designed and developed a streamlined, intuitive process that made it easy for customers to register their guarantees.

The brochures, created with the new branding and style guidelines, were beautiful representations of Sirocco Fires’ products. The design team worked closely with the content team, ensuring the brochures not only looked great but also communicated Sirocco Fires’ brand message effectively.

Sirocco Fires Website Design by Everpro

The Results

"Everpro have been with us for four years now and they have been fantastic throughout. As well as helping us position ourselves in the market, they have delivered time and time again with marketing campaigns and web projects."

We delivered a beautiful B2B website for Sirocco Fires on time, in full. The new website showcased Sirocco Fires’ new range in a sleek, modern design that was optimised for mobile users. The new website saw an immediate increase in user engagement, with a 30% increase in session duration and a 20% reduction in bounce rate within the first month of launch.

The migration from Magento to Shopify was completed without a hitch, with all customers and their specific pricing successfully transferred. The gated access system and private account setup were also implemented without any issues, ensuring Sirocco Fires’ B2B operations continued to run smoothly. We designed a customer guarantee registrations process that was well-received by customers, with a 50% increase in registrations in the month following the new website launch. The brochures and email campaigns were also a hit, with the first batch being snapped up within days of their release. Each phase of the project was released just in time, demonstrating our exceptional project management skills.


Sirocco Fires Brand Brochure Designs by Everpro

Our successful design and launch of Sirocco Fires’ new website is a testament to our expertise in digital solutions and commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. With our deep understanding of digital marketing, excellent project management skills, and a client-first approach, we continue to deliver outstanding results for businesses across various industries.

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