Wisdom of the Crowd – Branding A New Age Knowledge Sharing Platform


Wisdom of the Crowd is an innovative concept wherein groups of individuals gather to exchange knowledge and advice without a designated leader or teacher. The primary goal of this unique platform is to foster connections and share knowledge through interactive sessions. Wisdom of the Crowd needed branding, a website, and effective messaging to communicate efficiently with its members. This case study explores how Everpro helped Wisdom of the Crowd establish a robust brand presence and a functional online portal while staying true to its core values.


The Objective

The primary goal was to create a brand that suggested connections with people and the availability of wisdom. A website was required to serve as a members’ portal for checking updates and reviewing session notes. The messaging needed to effectively convey the platform’s values, format, and session notes.


The Challenge

Creating a brand identity for a new concept that caters only to its members while maintaining the platform’s values and lack of hierarchy was a significant challenge. Conveying the idea of collective wisdom and person to person learning in a visually appealing and easily understandable manner was also a hurdle. But Everpro also needed to avoid the mistake of seeming like typical peer-to-peer group that already existed.


The Solution


Everpro was entrusted with the job of developing a brand and website for Wisdom of the Crowd. The agency developed a logo that subtly hinted at the wisdom of an owl, symbolising knowledge, while also depicting the face-to-face value in the brand, representing the platform’s core value of face to face connections.

The logo was then incorporated into a new website that served as a members’ portal for checking updates and reviewing session notes. Everpro also developed unique iconography around the session questions, making the website visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Wisdom of the Crowd Branding by Everpro

The Results

After two weeks of design and development, wisdomeofthecrowd.co.uk was launched in early 2023. The website, along with the supporting branding, was well received by the members, and the platform has seen a consistent increase in membership numbers month on month since its launch.

Wisdom of the Crowd Website by Everpro

Data and Statistics

Following the launch of the new website and branding, Wisdom of the Crowd witnessed a significant surge in memberships. The platform’s user base grew by an impressive 150% within the first six months post-launch. Additionally, the website’s user engagement rate also saw a steep rise, with a 60% increase in the average time spent by users on the site.


Client Testimonials

Declan, the co-founder of Wisdom of the Crowd, praised Everpro’s work saying, “Everpro just got this right. Wisdom of the Crowd is a phenomenal concept with real values and real purpose. The brand, tone of voice and identity that Everpro have created, fits the original vision as well as the current desires of the existing members.”



Everpro’s successful branding and web development for Wisdom of the Crowd demonstrate how a well-thought-out strategy and creative execution can effectively communicate a brand’s core values and unique selling proposition. The case of Wisdom of the Crowd serves as a testament to Everpro’s ability to understand a brand’s essence and translate it into a tangible, impactful brand identity and online presence.

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